Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Sandi's Retirement Luau

John, Vea, and Decker Lake know how to throw a party. To celebrate my retirement John and many of my teaching pals organized a surprise two pig luau. I thought it was rather strange that DLYC was having a cultural day and no one asked me to help. It was even stranger when John made an appointment, in the middle of the day, with a stock broker and we ended up going to the broker's, SDI, getting gas and strolling around the Gallivan Center and bumping into Jonathan. "My boys" had decorated with a balloon arch, painted windows, leis, and a fabulous meal, thanks to Vea. They invited my favorite teachers and we had a fabulous time.,


Jill_ums said...

I can't believe you retired!!! Congratulations! I miss Decker and seeing you every day! I hope all is well!

P.S. I'll email/facebook you soon to get your address to send you a wedding announcement!

Rachel said...

Sans~ I am so thankful that I was able to come and see how many lives and people you have inspired... You are truly amazing and so dang spunky and cute... I love your guts...

amyjokokomo said...

WOW! How time flies dear Lady.
I think its been about 14 years since you taught me at Wasatch Youth Center. It's been another 7 or 8 years since I went to lunch with you in SLC.

I will be 30 years old this month. I have never forgotten you.

I am surprised at the prickly feeling on the small of my neck. I am surprised at the flush in my face, and the slight ache in my eyes from holding back this glaze of tears.

I lost your email because I disposed of my old address.

This is my new email: amyjokokomo27@gmail.com

I was sitting here behind my desk at work, and your name came to my mind.

Actually, it was an image that came to my mind. An image of you teaching. I did not think much of it at first until I compulsively typed your name into the computer. There you were!

I see that you have retired. What a gift you have given the youth!

I am still just as impressed as I was in my own youth.
HA. I was about to call myself a "troubled youth", but I realize I would not be the person I am today had I not marched this blessed journey I've ventured thus far. We are all troubled at one point or another.
I am grateful mine happened so young because wisdom has struck (i can see the proof of those wisdom wrinkles every time i look in the mirror) :)

I sometimes look at people my own age right now going thru similar troubles I experienced back in my teenage years and early 20's. It makes me wonder.

There is much more to learn.

When the student is ready, the teacher appears. But, sometimes the teacher has to knock the student over the head with a book to make them see that they are ready.
I thank you for knocking me with those books. It prepared me for what I was too immature to see at the time.
I never knew Sandy...I never knew.
I never knew the grand scale of spirituality, life and love that exists among us.
I never knew that a tiny spark can light up a dark world. I never knew that I could be one of those sparks.
I am one of those lightning sparks now...I hope anyway.
But, one thing I always knew...is that other people have been that spark in my life...including you.

It has been pleasure over that past 4 years to give back what has been so freely given to me.
I cannot keep what I have unless I freely give it away.
I am blessed beyond any language could describe.

Thank you for being a part of my journey....thank you for being a spark in so many lives.